Envision a thrilling race track of polished silver, so slick it whips around the wrist for infinity. Consider wearing this textured wonder as a visual reminder to get out there and speed off on your next exciting new adventure!  "Elise" silver textured cutout cuff by Karine Sultan has slightly adjustable cuff and is comprised of nickel-free sterling silver-plated pewter. High-tech chic at special pricing.

Each piece in the Karine Sultan Jewelry line exudes mystery, timeless beauty, and quality craftsmanship of basic metals fashioned into a unique work of art!  Worn by such celebrities as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and others, the line is a reflection of Karine's eclectic creativity in jewelry design.  Hollywood LOVES Karine Sultan and we believe you will too!

Karine Sultan "Elise" Silver Minimalist Split Cuff Bracelet

SKU: KAS-1115BR-6104520
  • • "Elise" matte silver minimalist split cuff by Karine Sultan

    • Style# KAS-1115BR-61045.20

    • Color: Silver

    • Materials: Sterling silver-plated pewter. Nickel Free

    • Measurements: 2.5"D x 2"W

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